Daily Nectar: Darshana Deekshai

I’m not being modest! I’m really an uneducated man”, this devotee explains fluently in English. His understanding of education would baffle all of us. “I don’t know Veda! No Vedantha! No Sanskrit! Nothing! I’m an uneducated man!”

He is Sri Pudkkottai Subbanarayana Nataraja (PSN) Sundaram, widely known by the way Periyava calls him – ‘Cooper’ Sundaram.He was working in Cooper till 1985. Then went to Premier Automobiles and worked there for few years. And then 7-8 years of traveling to his children’s places in US and then by 2006 he came to meet Mr Cooper, a Parsi gentlemen in India. The meeting was brief but complete.

Quickly everything fell in line and he was employed again in Cooper even after 20+ years of gap.Periyava addressed mama as ‘Cooper Sundaram’ and that name remains till date!He calls Periyava as ‘Master!’ Or ‘My Master!’

“Ever since my childhood the greatest ‘thing’ is Periyava!” [“சின்ன வயசுல இருந்து (எனக்கு) உலகத்துலேயே ரொம்ப பெரிய விஷயம்… பெரியவாதான்!”], adds Sri Cooper Sundaram.

“I don’t know anything more!”, he adds.He got, what he terms as something unmatched – ‘Darshan-Deeksha’! [தரிசன தீக்ஷை!].

Sri Cooper Sundaram was hardly 7 years when he had the first (known) darshan of Periyava in 1946. No big (known) efforts. Periyava came in a ‘PallAKu’ (Palanquin) at the doorstep of his school in one of the remotest village in Tamilnadu – AruVizhiMangalam, which was located few kilometers from Kudavasal in Tanjore District (then).Like every other kid, he came rushing out to see.

Periyava pointed to Sri Cooper Sundaram as a kid and called him.

Periyava : “Whose son are you?”[“நீ யாரோட பிள்ளை”]

Mama: “I’m son of Subbanarayana Iyer…

Here studying in my uncle’s home”[“சுப்ப நாராயண ஐயரோட பிள்ளை…இங்க என் சித்தப்பா ஆத்துல படிச்சிண்டு இருக்கேன்”]

Periyava : “How old are you?” [“என்ன வயசாச்சு உனக்கு…”]

Mama: “Seven…” [“ஏழு…”]

Periyava : “Do you know Sanskrit?” [“உனக்கு சம்ஸ்க்ருதம் தெரியுமா?”]

Mama :”Don’t know…” [“தெரியாது…”]

Periyava : “Can you do ‘Sandhya-Vandanam’?”[“சந்தியாவந்தனம் பண்ணுவியா…”]

Mama :  ‘Poonool’ wasn’t done…but know to render ‘ABHIVADHAYE‘ with ‘folded hands’!” [“இன்னும் உபநயனம் ஆகலை. ஆனா… கைய கட்டிண்டு அபிவாதயே சொல்ல தெரியும்…”], Innocently the boy replied.

Periyava : “Remember two things… I like you… Never remove your Sighai ! Learn Sanskrit!”

[“ரெண்டு விஷயம் ஞாபகம் வச்சிக்கோ! உன்ன எனக்கு பிடிச்சிருக்கு… குடுமிய எடுக்காதே! ஸம்ஸ்க்ருதம் கத்துக்கோ!”]

Periyava moved on. Time also moved on. “But…both didn’t happen… That’s the great disappointment in my life”. I told Periyava about the same. [“ஆனா…ரெண்டும் நடக்கலை… என் வாழ்க்கைல அதுதான் பெரிய disappointment… பெரியவாக்கிடேயே சொல்லிட்டேன்!”], innocently details Sri Cooper Mama.

Smt. Sundaram is equally innocent! Divine couple – Made for each other!In Satara, both Sri And Smt. Cooper Sundaram had the Bhagyam of serving Periyava so much. More than anything, Periyava accepted their love so much.

For Sri Cooper Sundaram, Periyava is a ‘big thing’! [“(எனக்கு) உலகத்துலேயே ரொம்ப பெரிய விஷயம்… பெரியவாதான்!”]

Smt. Sundaram feels, for Periyava She is everything! She always felt and treated Periyava as her own son! Invariably, when Periyava gets cold-fever, she even wept if Periyava refuses to take medicine or treatment.

Sri Cooper Sundaram once consoled mami saying, “Periyava Himself is the Vaidheeswara Swamy! Are you trying to treat Him?” [“பெரியவாவே அந்த வைதீஸ்வரன்! அவருக்கே வைத்யம் சொல்லறீயா?”]

But her motherly heart can’t understand all that.

There were several occasions, she had gone to places or driven people across mountains just to get something that Periyava needs or something that Periyava has told her to bring in her dreams. Of course, Periyava did accept that offerings, at times with smile and at times with laughter (at her innocent motherly bhakthi!).

In any case, their prayers even if it is a small wish is always answered by Periyava, even today!

***Sri Cooper Sundaram mama reached the lotus feet of Sri MahaPeriyava on November 8th 2015.

Numerous miracles of Periyava were witnessed by this couple. No Vibuthi or no Kumkum or no gold chain from thin air but for sure ‘change of hearts’ of the people who are in distress or overwhelmed with hopelessness. Transformation of those People, without any force, without any pain and even without any prayer…were seen by them as the greatest miracles of Periyava.

The numerous miracles that were witnessed by them, is what they call ‘Darshan-Deeksha’! [தரிசன தீக்ஷை!]. The very ‘Darshan’ of Periyava is enough!

Today’s Nectar :

Periyava abhaya hastam 2

Prayers to Periyava to give us ‘Darshan’ in one form or other, all the times.
Periyava, bless us with “Darshana Deekshai”.

Article Courtesy: navEdaham

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