Daily Nectar : Bail us out Periyava…

In Thiruvidaimarudhur, the Ghomatha who used to come for Gho-pooja didn’t come. Instead another Gho came. Periyava asked what happened to the Gho who comes every day? Person who brings the Gho said she wasn’t doing well.

After finishing pooja, Periyava began to walk on the streets. No one knew why. Periyava walked through every street and even entered the streets where harijans lived. Parishadhars were wondering what is happening. While going through one such street a sound ‘maa…’ came loud. Periyava asked parishadhars to look at. There was the Gho who did not come on that day…

Apparently, that Gho was caught while grazing the paddy field of that harijan. On knowing that the Gho they seized belonged to Periyava, the entire family started fearing. They came running and fell at the feet of Periyava and pleaded to be forgiven. Periyava called the ‘thala-yari’ and asked him to assess the damage in the paddy field due to the grazing of the Gho. It was assessed to be one sack of paddy. Periyava instructed to give two sacks of paddy to the family and then take back the Gho…

Today’s Nectar:


We’re also grazing all unknown places for good or bad. We tell reasons and justify our absence or failures to do our nithya karma. Oh! It is Periyava who has to find us and bail us out, probably by paying the penalty for the papam (2 sacks instead of 1 sack), which we’re incapable of, as such. All out of His karunya and not out of our ability!

Ram. Ram.

Article Courtesy: Sri Rathinam

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