Daily Nectar : Aren’t we like Atta Poochi ?

Once Periyava got into a tank for Snanam (bath) in north madras. It was full of ‘atta poochi’ (Leeches). Parishadar was scared and he refused to get into it. When Periyava got out, His body was fully covered by “atta poochi”. When people attempted to remove, Periyava prevented them. After sucking blood, each one swell and one by one fell down.

Periyava said with empathy “Paavam-da! Adhunga Romba naal pattini” (Poor Leeches, they have been starving for many days) and then moved…

Pada kadai Venkatrama Iyer is the Parishadar accompanying Periyava for that snanam. Periyava also asked him to get into the tank saying “Naa… Romba vayasaanavan. Adhugalukku pathaadhu. Neeyum vaa!” (I’m very old, my blood is not enough, you come in too). For which he refused saying that he is not a sanyasi like Periyava….

Smt Sanatur Ganapadigal mami (daughter of Pada Kadai Venkatrama Iyer) narrates this incident in the video below (From 1:33 mts onwards) :

Today’s Nectar :


In a way, many of us are (definitely me!) ‘atta poochi’, not following his teachings or not much of service to him but using Periyava’s karunyam & seeking (sucking?) His blessings all the time. Ram. Ram.

Article Courtesy: Sri Rathinam


  1. Ravi Ramamurthi says

    Avyaaja Karunaamurthi is one who showers His Karuna for no reason God’s unconditional acceptance and Love that is Maha Periyava

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