Daily Nectar: Aracchu Ruchichu, What are we doing?

Periyava was camping in Thenambakkam. Lot of devotees were coming for His darshan. It was quite a busy day. There was a Veda-Patasala close by. Periyava always had a priority for these Patasala because that is the bhoomi in which Veda-Viththu germinates. Veda-Rakshanam has been the top priority for Periyava.

At Thenambakkam, some of the brahmachari(s) from the Veda-Patasala, were going round. They found quite a lot of coconuts lying there and took couple of them. They wished to make ‘Thengaai Thogayal’. Usually, in a hostel, food is a problem. That too, at a Veda-Patasala that is running on donations… one can easily imagine. So these two young teens thought of making some ‘Thogayal’… But they didn’t know that they’re going to be the ‘Thogayal’ for the sevakas! Yes. They got ‘caught’ and lot of voices were raised louldy against these poor young brahmachari boys.

There comes a loud voice from a sevaka: “Are you stealing? See, what I’m going to do! Will inform your ‘Vathiyar’ & finish you off” !

Brahmachari boys got the shock of their life! They had come to the patasala because they don’t have even a grain of rice at home for food. If they were sent out… they couldn’t even imagine, so they began to cry and began to repeatedly plead in a low tone,

“வேண்டாம் மாமா! எங்கள விட்டுடுங்கோ மாமா! இனிமே பண்ண மாட்டோம் மாமா! தயவு செய்து விட்டுடுங்கோ…” (“No Mama! Let us go! Will not do it again! Please let go…”)

Sevaka’s voice became even more louder…

Periyava was inside a room. Everyone knew Periyava is very strict and cannot tolerate such wrong doings! Periyava’s “soudkku” was heard. Sevakas rushed inside. Everyone were called inside. Now, the situation became even more severe. Brahmachari kids were hardly in teens. Their cry became even more louder…

Periyava asked, “என்ன பண்ணேள்?”. (“What did you do?”)

Very direct and critical question. These teens remembered what their ‘Vaathiyaar’ told them: “Never ever lie to Periyava!” So the critical answer came out,

“திருடினோம், பெரியவா… தெரியாமா தேங்காய திருடிட்டோம்…”
(“Stolen, Periyava… Without much idea, we stole the coconuts…”)

“எதுக்காக தேங்காய எடுத்தேள்?”. (“எடுத்தேள்-ஆ”?)
(“Why did you take it?”)

“தொகையல் அரைச்சு சாப்பிடலாம்ம்னு…”
(“To make ‘Thogayal’…”)

Words were dragged, when the reason is pity. That’s it! Periyava did not turn to their side at all…

Brahmachari boys were pleading, “தெரியாம எடுத்துட்டோம், பெரியவா. எங்கள மன்னிச்சிருங்கோ! இனிமே இந்த தப்பை பண்ண மாட்டோம்…” (Please forgive us. By mistake we did it… We’ll never repeat this..”)

Ummm Hmmm… Periyava didn’t turn to them at all!

Periyava called the person who ‘caught’ them stealing.

Periyava asked that person, “நீங்க, இவா திருடினதை கண்ணால பாத்தேளா..” (“Did you see them stealing?”)

They confirmed and proudly shared the details on how they ‘caught’ them. Brahmachari boys pleaded and began to express their deadly fear, “எங்களை பாடசாலையை விட்டு அனுபிச்சிடாதேள், பெரியவா…” (“Periyava, please don’t send us out of Patasalaa…”)

Umm Hmm… Still couldn’t get the glance of ‘Karunyam’ of those eyes that were created only for that! Brahmachari boys were confused.

Periyava asked for 10-15 Coconuts. Everyone became confused. Coconuts came in a bundle of two bags.

Periyava called those two people who caught them. “இவாள அழைச்சிக்கோ!” (Take them with you…”)

Pointing to those two Brahmachari boys – “இந்த தேங்காய எடுத்துக்கோ! பாடசாலைல கொண்டு விட்டுட்டு வா!” (“Take these coconuts! Leave them at the patasala (yourself)!”)

Everyone were at the peak of confusion.

“இவா இந்த தேங்காய எல்லாம் நன்னா தொகையல் அரைச்சு சாப்பிடட்டும்!”
(“Let them grind these coconuts & eat the ‘Thogayal’…”)

Stunned! Awed! Brahmachari boys both of them weren’t there standing anymore. They were at the feet of Periyava! Now, they could see the ‘Jeeva-Karunyam’ in those eyes of the ‘Paramaathmaa’!

“Never ever we could glance at things in that manner, anymore!” – cries even today – a Ganapatigal who was one among those two Brahmacharies.

Today’s Nectar

Periyava Coconut

Often we too indulge in so many ‘ruchi’es in this maya world. Periyava keeps blessing us ‘Thengaai(s)’. ‘Arachchu… Arachchu… Ruchichu… Ruchichu…’ What are we doing?

Ah! Doesn’t matter! One day, Periyava will bless us to fulfill the ‘true’ goal like those two brahmacharies who have become the most popular Ganapatigal now.

Let us keep praying, “எங்களை மன்னிச்சிடுங்கோ, பெரியவா! எங்களை அனுப்பிடாதேள்!” (“Please forgive us, Periyava! Please don’t send us away!”) Some day we’ll also realize those “Eyes” filled with ‘Karunyam’…

Ram. Ram.

Article Courtesy: Sri Rathinam

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