Daily Nectar : பெரியவா கார்யம்னு போனாக்கா…

There was an announcement that Adi Sankara’s 1200th year celebration would be organized and it would be presided over by Sri Karan Singh, son of the last ruler of Kashmir, Sri Hari Singh. On hearing that, Periyava was murmuring, “better if someone tells Karan Singh not to get involved in these controversy”.

When I go to Delhi, I will try to inform him, responded Sri Kannan Mama who was with Periyava at that time. Sri Mama was frequently going to Delhi to supervise the Temple renovation on behalf of Birla-family. Sri Mama had no clue whatsoever about how to make it happen, but he knew “IT’LL BE DONE!”.

He always humbly says that the mysterious reason behind his faith is : “நான் ஒன்னும் இல்லாத பய… பெரியவா கார்யம்னு போனாக்கா… நமக்கு முன்னாடி பெரியவாவோட அனுக்ரகம் ஓடிண்டு இருக்கும்!” ( I am such an insignificant person, but if we go on Periyava karyam (work), Periyava and His Anugraham would be there ahead of us to bless us !)

Sri Mama went to Delhi, spoke to Sri Mishra. Well, by this time, we could all guess, what’s next in this episode, after listening to so much ofPeriyava’s Thiruvilaiyadal…

Co-incidentally, Sri Mishra said to Sri Mama, “Yes. Sri Karan Singh is coming tonight to see me. Why don’t you join?”

On that night, Sri Misra introduced Sri Kannan Mama to Sri Karan Singh saying “He is a ‘Sevaka’ to Periyava!”. “I was there in Sivasthanam when you came for the darshan… Just opposite to the well…”, Sri Kannan Mama recollected.

The response from Sri Karan Singh was amazing: “seen only once…He is Shivaa himself! He is Shivaa himself!”. He started having an action replay of the darshan (in his mind) on hearing Sri Kannan Mama’s words. He seemed so excited. Even Sri Misra’s eyes were brimming with tears.

“In our family, a book was printed by my Grand Father, which Periyava enquired to me. I didn’t know about it at all. Later, when I went back home, the book which was printed in ‘Gold’ letter was discovered… He is Shivaa himself!”, continued Sri Karan Singh.

Sri Kannan Mama slowly hinted him about the Adi Sankara celebration event he was likely to preside over. Quickly, Sri Karan Singh responded saying “That’s alright! I’ll not get involved…”

Then he asked something very interesting that even ones very close to Matam won’t be able to explain…

What is Kamatchi???
Yes!, That’s the question he asked to Sri Kannan Mama.

Mama explained, “ParaBrahmam has no specific ‘roopa’… If you wish as Masculine form, it is ‘Sri Nataraja’ and if the same wished in feminine form, it is ‘Sri Kamatchi’…” And continued his explanation using ‘MookaPanchasathi’. “Akaarantham sakaarantham…”

“If Guru’s anugraham is there, with his Karunyam, one will get into higher and higher levels in Yoga, like how someone can climb the steps to the next next floors…”. Mama also explained the story of how ‘MookaPanchasathi” came into existence.

With more excitement, Sri Karan Singh put another perplexing question that only a Guru can answer.

Is it “Om Namashivaya or Kreem Namashivaya”? Which is the Panchaaksharam to be used?”

Mama replied, “Without ‘Kreem’ none of the ‘mantra’ of Ambal will exist. Any mantra for Ambal will have ‘Kreem’ in it… Also, mama said, “I’ll check with Periyava and get back to you…”.

Sri Misra said, “Whenever I’m disturbed I go to Periyavaa… I don’t need to ask anything! Everything will vanish in his darshan. I’ll get re-charged again!”

When Mama came back, he informed Periyava about everything that had happened.

“Oh, you remembered everything I have told you so far so that you could reply him? , Periyava said with a smile… And Periyava also told something that no one who is reading this should forget…

“க்ரீம் நமச்சிவாயாதான் பண்ணனும்… நான் அப்படி பண்ணிண்டு இருக்கேன்! நீயும் அப்படி பண்ணு! அவனையும் அப்படி பண்ணச் சொல்லு!”

(Kreem namasivaya is how Japam has to be done… I am (Periyava) doing Japam like that, you also do the same,Let him also do the same)

It was informed to Sri Karan Singh. Later, he replied stating that he was more peaceful after using the ‘mantra’ for his Japam.

Periyava also explained, “அது சக்தி பஞ்சாக்ஷரம்னு பேரு…( it is called Sakthi Panchatcharam).

Today’s Nectar :


Picture Courtesy: Sri Narayanan Bala

Aha! Sri (Prof) Veezhi Mama used to say in ‘Parvati Kalyanam’ about why Lord Shiva was in ‘Tapas’ and also why Ambal was in ‘Tapas’…

“சுவாமிக்காக அம்பாள் தவம் இருந்தா… அம்பாளுக்காக சுவாமி தவம் இருந்தார்…(Ambal did tapas for Swami and Swami did tapas for Ambal)

Here, Periyava’s Tapas seems to be…
Sri Ambal is doing Tapas for Ambal…
Sri Swami is doing Tapas for Swami…
Because Periyava has become both…
Who can understand what and why…

Ananthakoti Namaskarams to Periyava!
We don’t know the ‘Mantram’…
We don’t follow the ‘Upadesam’…
We don’t do a proper ‘Anushtanam’…
Seldom we do any work of ‘Periyava’, still the words of Sri Kannan Mama rings…

“பெரியவா கார்யம்னு போனாக்கா… நமக்கு முன்னாடி பெரியவாவோட அனுக்ரகம் ஓடிண்டு இருக்கும்!”

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara

Article Courtesy: Sri Rathinam


  1. Maheshkumar.Balu says

    I’m too much felt for not living in the period of Swami Paramaachaariyaar and not knowing of him till my age 49..
    I miss U Swami, Guru, Thaatha in every form..

  2. Siva says

    So for chanting the full mantra is,
    Om Kreem Namashivaaya or only Kreem Namashivaaya.Please let us know.

  3. T.S.Muralikrishnan says

    If we think of him ( SRI SRI SRI Periyava) before doing a thing i am sure Our Swami will be there to Guide us properly with out any flaw. Full Faith is a must. Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara

  4. navEdaham says

    Om Na Ma Shi Va Ya is Shiva PanchAksharam and Kreem Na Ma Shi Va Ya is Sakthi PanchAksharam- That’s all Periyava seem to have said.

    Looks like just ‘kreem Namashivaya’ is complete and don’t need to add ‘om’ to it.

    Pray & meditate to Periyava who is both Sakthi & Shivam. Periyava has assured to answer if he is meditated upon, in one of the ‘experiences’ recorded.

    Hara Hara Periyava! Jaya Jaya Periyava!
    (after writing this line, just looks like this could also mean “Hara’ is Shiva & ‘Jaya’ is Sakthi)

    Ram. Ram. Jai GuruDev!

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