Daily Nectar : இனிமே நேக்கு அதுமாதிரி ஆகப்படாது…

A Ganapatigal was crying terribly in a loud voice, directly in front of Periyava. He was a young Veda-Vith brought up at Kanchipuram at one of the Patashala of the Matam. His cry indicated that something was seriously wrong but no one could understand why!

He was crying aloud.

“ஏன்டா அழறே!” (“Why are you crying-da?”)

“என்னடா ஆச்சு?” (“What happened-da?”)

One after the other were inquiring him in order to pacify him.

“அவன் அழுது முடிக்கட்டும். விடு!” (Leave him! Let him finish crying.”), utharavu came from Periyava himself. Probably, Periyava knows what was so badly wrong with him.

After several minutes of loud cry, “என்னத்துக்கு அழுதே?” (“Why did you cried?”), Periyava Himself inquired the Ganapatigal.

Rarest of the rarest of the rare reply came!

“ஒரு வருஷம் பெரியவாவை பாக்கவே இல்லை.” [“Haven’t seen Periyava for one year”]
Well. That’s how most of us have been.

“…இனிமே நேக்கு அதுமாதிரி ஆகப்படாது!” [“Shouldn’t happen like that anymore!”]
Ah! Cried loudly for this prayer? What a devotion!

“பெரியவாதான் அனுக்ரஹம் பண்ணனும்!” [“Only Periyava has to bless!”]
How true! Without Periyava’s blessing, one can’t even reach His Sannidhi.

Periyava looked at the young Ganapatigal. Slowly raised both the hands indicating the blessings in abundance, “போயிட்டு வா!” [“Can leave!”]

Anugraham indeed flown in abundance. Ever since this incident, Sri Ganesa Ganapatigal always had darshan of Periyava atleast 5-6 times in a month.

Suddenly, he’ll think of Periyava and will quickly get a car or some mode of transport and arrangement will come into play and he’ll arrive at Periyava’s sannidhi. That’s the way he was getting blessed with darshans after darshans in abundance.

Since he prayed to Periyava, Ganapatigal himself must have been more conscious and made such visits. This would’ve been my thought with my half-baked mind.

However, Periyava clarified the…
Rarest of rarest of the rare Anugraham!

Once Sri Ganesa Ganapatigal came to darshan in such a manner and suddenly Periyava asked a question that seemed to be inquisitive.

“ஆமா… நீ இந்த மாசம் எத்தனாவது தடவையா வரே?” [“How many times you have been coming for My darshan this month?”]

“ஐஞ்சு தரம், பெரியவா.” [“Five times, Periyava.”]

“ஐஞ்சு தரமா? ஆறு தரமா?” [“Five times or Six times?”]

Ganapatigal re-calculated again and again. It could remember only 5 times. So his reply came in an assuring manner, “ஐஞ்சு தரம்தான், பெரியவா.” [“Only five times, Periyava.”]

“ஆறு தரம் இல்லையோ?” [“Isn’t it six times?”], then Periyava began telling all the instances when Ganapatigal came on that month. Of course, accounting to six times!

“ஆறாவது தரம் நேத்து!” [“It’s sixth time yesterday!”], Periyava concluded.

Astounded Ganapatigal was in tears. Parabrahma Swaroopam was counting and ensuring that the devotee had the darshan multiple times as per His Anugraham!

“அப்படி ஒரு அனுக்ரஹமா!” [“Anugraham to such a level!”], is his excitement even today.

Several times, such this rarest of rarest of rare anugraham was demonstrated.

Another instance, Ganapatigal thought of Periyava around 1.45pm, got into a train by 2pm and came to Arakonam from Bangalore. Heavy rush. No place to sit. He threw his bag inside and stood all through his travel without a place to sit. He knew that it’s difficult but once the thought of Periyava Darshan comes in, everything else goes out, for a devotee.

‘Periyava! Periyava! Periyava!’, thinking of HIM all through his travel, he got a bus in Arakonam and came rushing to Kanchipuram Matam. But it became dark by the time he reached.

Sri Nagarajan Mama from Chinna-Kanchipuram used to come and read NEWS for Periyava. Mama crossed as the Ganapatigal was entering in.

“ஏய்! என்னாடா இப்போ வந்தே நீ? இப்பதான்டா உள்ளே போறா பெரியவா…
சரி. காலைல பாத்துக்கலாம் போ!” [“Hei! Only now you could reach? Just now Periyava has gone in… It’s ok. We’ll see tomorrow!”]

Ganapatigal’s heart, which was brimming with thoughts about Periyava began to flow as silent tears inside.  It is rarest of rarest of rare that someone will miss Periyava after coming there for darshan!

Periyava who had gone inside just after using the ‘kottai’ (toilet), had apparently said that he wanted to go to ‘kottai’ again. (Some reason to conduct the drama! Of course for the sake of His devotee).

On seeing Periyava, Ganapatigal recited a ‘panchAdhi’ from Veda.  பெரியவாளை! வேதம் தான் மயக்கும்!(Only Vedham can mesmerize Periyava!).  Periyava came and gave him darshan.

In a feeble voice, almost like the air without sound, “இப்பதான் வந்தியா?” [“Did you come only now?”]

“ஆமாம், பெரியவா நாழியாயிடுத்து…” [“Yes, Periyava. It has become late!”]
“…அனுக்ரஹம் பண்ணனும்.” [“…Bless me.”]

Periyava turned to a Sevaka,”ட்ரைன்ல நின்னின்ன்டு வந்தானா-நு கேளு…” [“Ask him whether he stood all through in the train?”]

Sri Ganesa Ganapatigal became speechless and immobile except noding his head.

Parabrahma-Prabhu continued, “அவன்… எனக்காக நின்னுண்டு வந்திருக்காண்டா… [“He…stood all through for my sake….]

“போயிட்டு கார்த்தால வா!” [“Come back in the morning!” (…after taking rest)].
Blessings came forth. Periyava raised the ‘abhaya-hastham’.

In a rarest of rarest of rare instance, Sri Ganapadigal got a tiny taste of ParaBrahmam.

We may think Periyava returned back to ‘kottai’ for the sake of this devotee. But look at the first question [“Did you come only now?”]!

Like Lord Narasimha awaited in every pillar for the sake of PrahlAdha Swamy, this ‘NadamAdum Dheivam’ (‘Nadachi Devudu’) was awaiting in the toilet for his sake even in the first place. And came once again when the devotee actually reached. Hence the question, “இப்ப…தா…ன் வந்தியா?” [“Did you come only now?”]

And the ‘Dheivam’ (‘Devudu’) glorifies the devotee, “அவன்… எனக்காக நின்னுண்டு வந்திருக்காண்டா… [“He…stood all through for my sake….]. ‘asUtOsh’, a famous name for the Bhagwan mean the One who becomes happy even with smallest of small effort. Here it aptly fits HIM.

Today, the Ganapatigal recollects, “என்ன கருணா மூர்த்தி இது! எப்படி? இது எப்படி?
எங்கேருந்து? புரியல நமக்கு… இதெல்லாம் தெரிஞ்சும்கூட (பாத்தும்கூட), புத்தி அதோட சுவாதீனத்தை விடமாட்டேங்குதே…”

Today’s Nectar :

Periyava sitting with one leg down

Hey DhyalO! AsUtOsh! JaganMAthA!

Hear our prayer & bless us to be your child (like this young Ganapatigal) forever and ever and ever!

We’ve been ignorantly crying for mundane things, so far! Here is our cry:
“…இனிமே நேக்கு அதுமாதிரி ஆகப்படாது!” [“Shouldn’t happen like that anymore!”] We should have your darshan all the time.

Thelivu guruvin thirumeni kaandal

Thelivu guruvin thirunaamam cheppal

Thelivu guruvin thiruvaarththai keyttal

Thelivu guruvuru sindhiththal thaaney!

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara

Article Courtesy: navEdaham



    Sadaranamana , Kevalamana enakke pala Murai anugrahitha podu oru Veda Vithu ,Ganapadigalukku

    Anugraham Koti Murai Panni iruppar. PERIYAVALAI VEDAM DAN MAYAKKUM

  2. I G Venugopal says

    It is difficult to read without teras blinding my eyes May Periavaa continue to Bless us , let us hear of him and his Leelas
    Jaya Jaya Shanklara Hara Hara Shankara

  3. M.Narayanan says

    Excellent article. Makes us feel totally humble and inadequate. “Asutoshi” Maha Periyava, please Bless us and Protect us. Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  4. visalakshisundaram says

    on hearing the experiences tears simply roll down,…no words to express Periyavas karumyam. You are really very much blessed

  5. Tanjore Narayanan says

    It is wonderful….so many times seen the video…Every time it is come up new positive energy. more articles to read like this and get blessings of MAHA PERIYAVA.

  6. says

    Is it an anugraham to always think of MahaPeriyava. Yes, why, ALL don’t have that. Mango tree gets many flowers but all ripe for mangoes?
    But, if we make sankalp at least from now on to think of Him 24×7 we would be able to
    I have made the Sankalp and let me see. He will definitely bless, I am sure.
    Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara.

  7. navedaham says

    MahaPeriyava once said “Some say I’ve blessed them so much and some say the other way but I’ve been blessing everyone equally.” The sun that shines on all mirrors, equally. Some reflect them brightly and some aren’t because they’re dirty. If they’re cleaned they too can shine like those bright ones.

    Being blessed or when you’re blessed do pray for us all to get our mirror (heart) cleaned so that we can also shine better – receive Periyava’s blessings better.

    Ram. Ram. Jai GuruDev!

  8. sarumathy says

    என்ன ஒரு பக்தி பாவனை எப்படிபட்ட அனுஹரகம் இதுபோன்ற நிகழ்வுகளை படிப்பதே நாம் செய்த புண்ணியம்

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