Daily Nectar : நா இன்னைக்கு கார்த்தாலேந்து பிக்ஷயே பணலேடா…

Once, Sri Ponds Narayanan Mama went to ilayathangudi, a village in Chettinad, for having a darshan of Periyava. Periyava was sitting on the bank of a ‘kulam’. Sri Mama did namaskaram and had the darshan. After a while, Periyava asked him a mundane question…

“ஏன்டா உன் பையிலே (உன் செலவெல்லாம் போக) எவ்வளவு வச்சி இருக்கே?” Instantly Mama replied “நூத்தம்பது ரூபா, பெரியவா…” Then an un imaginable request came…

அதை மடத்துல கட்டிடரியா? நா இன்னைக்கு கார்த்தாலேந்து பிக்ஷயே பணலேடா…”

Sri Mama was stunned with the heart piercing fact and quickly got it done. Periyava has always been known for fasting continuously for few days. Is fasting yet another day a big deal for HIM? Definitely not!

Video snippet where Sri Ponds Mama narrates this particular incident (at 26:17 Minutes):

Apparently, somebody must have been hungry in that camp – may be a visitor or may be a parishadar. For their sake, Periyava would ask for pongal or uppuma, as if he wants to eat… When given to HIM, HE will take just a spoon or less and will instruct the rest of the food to be given to the visitor/s who would arrive few minutes later. It has often happened in Periyava’s camp. More importantly Sri Mama was stunned because of the fact that Periyava used to have biksha only when someone offers HIM biksha, like that of a parivrajika (wandering monk).

Sri Balu Mama (now swamigal) or another parishadar said… “ரெண்டு நாளைக்கு தொடர்ந்து பிக்ஷை போட்டாச்சுனா உடனே வாரி விட்டுடுவா…”

Vidwan or a visitor seeking help will get the little savings that were kept in the camp that helped them to promptly prepare the biksha for 2-3 days continuously. What a staunch adherence to dharma (sanyasa)!

Today’s nectar


“நா இன்னைக்கு கார்த்தாலேந்து பிக்ஷயே பணலேடா……” Truly speaking, there are so many days and this  is how we’ve kept Periyava (in photo form) at our home (at least mine). Worship is so discontinuous… Neivedhyam is so improper…

Periyava , Periyava , Periyava! Prayers to YOU to make us sensitive and sensible.

Ram. Ram.

Article Courtesy: Sri Rathinam


  1. T.V.Krishnan says

    Very nice narration. We are having in Palghat Pravachanam by Sri Ganesa Sarma on Periyaval Mahimai from last Thursday, .The incidents he quotes make you stand up in wonder. Coming on top is this narration on Biksha. May he bless us all

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