Daily Nectar : நம்பறவாளுக்கு பெரியவா இருக்கா…

“அவரை மாதிரி ஒரு தியாகிய பாக்க முடியாதுடா….” – Periyava was referring to a Professor Ananthakrishna Sastrigal.

Periyava went to Kasi in 1930s and stayed there for a while. At that time, prices of Paddy fell below one rupee/ kalam. Sri Matam couldn’t run in Kasi with that meager revenue. “Thanga thaambalaththai ellaam viththuttaa…”, heard Sri Kannan Mama.

Mirasudhaars from Tanjore district and the agent had written the plight at Sri Matam head-quartered in Kumbakonam (Kumbakonam was the head quarters at that time). They said…

“நீங்க அங்கே இருக்கேள்… இங்கே மடத்தை நடத்த முடியல…உடனே கிளம்பி வரது…இல்லேனா எங்க சந்ரமௌலீச்வரரையாவது கொடுத்து விடறது!”

Situation seemed very serious. “When they ask for the ‘Chandramouleeswara Swamy’, it implied reinstating another Acharya for Sri Matam!” – Periyava explained later.

Since the sishyas had gone to that extent, Periyava decided to complete the ‘yatra’. So through Patna, Periyava came to Kolkata in early 30s. “Thiruvidaimarudhur Rao Sahib Malalinga Iyer was the one who organized the trips to North India”, recollected Sri Kannan Mama.

Professor Ananthakrishna Sastrigal had organized for elaborate pooja throughout Periyava’s stay in Kolkata. He was the first to edit a book on ‘Sutra Bhashyam’ with 14 ‘Viyakyanams’, called ‘Advaita Siddhi’. If it had not been for him, all those treasures would have probably vanished as palm leaf scripts. They are very large volumes, physically too. He asked for Rs 30,000/- from the Publisher. (Today that work is well worth more than Rs 3 Crores!). But the Publisher denied saying that he may have to commit suicide, if Professor asks for any payment. Professor Ananthakrishna Sastrigal let the publisher off saying “Sowkyamaa iru, Poda!”

“அவரை மாதிரி ஒரு தியாகிய பாக்க முடியாதுடா….” – Periyava recollected his act of benevolence for the field of ‘Vedanta’.

Smt. Chellamma is the daughter of Professor Ananthakrishna Sastrigal in Kolkata. Ardent bhakthai of Periyava. Professor and his family had close acquaintance with Tagore also. She was the one who ‘famously’ interacted between Periyava and Tagore about the term ‘Aabrahma keeda janani’ in ‘Sri Lalitha Sahasranamam’, which led to the instance of Tagore seriously wishing to have Periyava’s darshan. Tagore had the darshan of Periyava and later wrote in his article that he too had benefited from the ‘Mahaan’ who still exist in some places in India.

Smt. Chellamma had ‘asanchala bhakthi’ on Periyava. She was a ‘Sri Vidya Upasaki’. She was the one who had drawn the large picture of ‘Sri Chakra’ displayed inside at Sri Kamatchi Temple, Kanchipuram” – said Sri Kannan Mama.

“அப்படியே கூன்னிண்டுவருவோ…”, recollected Sri Mama.

Smt. Chellamma did ‘Svasini Pooja’ to whoever came on day-to-day, 5 or 10 ‘Svasini'(s) for a long time. Then she even organized ‘All India Svasini Pooja’ and so on. All with the blessings of Periyava. Her devotion was unshakeable. Her husband was in the Library of Thirupathi and some time later she became a ‘paati’ (madi).

As per advise of Periyava, she was residing in Kakkapakkam Chatram. She became bit immobile in her last days but she did sent her prayers to Periyava, “என்னால வர முடியல…பெரியவாதான் தரிசனம் கொடுக்கணும்…”

Message reached Periyava and the Prasadam was sent to her. Shortly, few days later suddenly. she was excited and said to her attendant, “பெரியவா வந்து நிக்கறா… நான் இருக்கா மாட்டேண்டா!”

And that happened to be her last word…

Today’s Nectar :


‘Anaayaasa Maranam’: Best Blessings (in Sri Sivan Sar’s words)!

“கொஞ்சம் கூட Exaggeration-ஏ இல்லை! நேரே நடந்தது இது… நம்பறவாளுக்கு பகவான் இருக்கார்… நம்பறவாளுக்கு பெரியவா இருக்கா…“, concluded Sri Kannan Mama.

Ram. Ram.

Article Courtesy: Sri Rathinam

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