Brahmasri Sirugumani Parasuramachar Attained Siddhi…


Brahmasri Parasuramachar , a Nithya Agnihothri whose every breath was Vedham merged with Maha Periyava today. He lived in Sirugumani and managed the Sirugumani Patashala as directed by Maha Periyava.

To Him, Periyava is Prathyaksha Deivam. Being a Madhwar, when he utters such statements from the bottom of his heart, we are at loss of  words to describe his devotion towards Periyava.

Veda Rakshanam has been Periyava’s very life breath. And, no doubt that Periyava chose Brahmasri Parasuramachar to reinvigorate Madhwa Rig Vedic Tradion. In Sirugumani, he has prepared over 100s of Rig Veda Madhwa Vidhyarthis. He had lived a very simple life as prescribed by Maha Periyava and also has inspired and insisted his Vedapatasala vidhyarathis to lead simple and true brahmanic way of life.

He conducted Soma Yagam in Feb 2012. His experience with Maha Periyava, Soma Yagam Pictures and more information about his father can be viewed here.

He would continue to live forever through his Patashala and the precious Madhwa Rig Vedic Vidhyarthis who come out of it.

Jaya Jaya Sankara, Hara Hara Sankara


  1. Balasubramanian NR says

    Really, it is an amazing information to read. It appears that as if Maha Periyavaa lived
    there. Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara

  2. says

    நாரயணா! நாரயணா!!

    குருவே சரணம் !

    இவரைப் போன்று ஒருவர் இனி குருவாக அமைவது மிக கடினம்.

    ஓம் சாந்தி சாந்தி சாந்திஹி.

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