Pradosha Mandalam : Bhakthi Porala Yenaku – Sri Pradosham Mama


As Pradosha Mandalam is celebrating the 90th Jayanthi Mahotsavam of Sri Pradosham Mama tomorrow, Saturday, November 12th 2016, here is our Umesh Sadasivam offering his Namaskaram in his own way  – கொடுத்து வைத்த கை!

Pradosha Mandalam – Jayanthi Mahotsavam – Saturday, Nov 12th 2016

Triplicane Periyava (Sri Govinda Damodara Swamigal) also called as Angarai Periyava once said, What we are all doing is not “Bhakthi”; We are all only admiring “Bhakthi”. To be more precise, here is His quote in Tamizh: “நாம பண்ணறது பேரு பக்தி இல்ல பா, நாம எல்லாம் பக்தி-ய ரசிக்கறோம்!”.

Sri Pradosham Mama longingly says He doesn’t know to do Bhakthi on Periyava… His Bhakthi on Periyava isn’t enough. To be more precise, here is His quote in Tamizh: “பெரியவா கிட்ட பக்தி பண்ண தெரியல, எனக்கு பெரியவா கிட்ட பக்தி போறல!”.

“மாமா அப்படியே அடி வயதுலேண்டு பேசுவா” – says Sri Ganesa Sarma. We could relate to that same feeling hearing Sri Pradosham Mama’s voice in the below video snippet:

We may not know you;
We may not have felt you;
We may not even have admired you;
It’s ok…

Periyava blessed us to know HIM;
Periyava blessed us to feel HIS OmniPresence;
Periyava blessed us to admire HIS Omnipotence;
Prayers to Periyava to bless us with Bhakthi as well…

அவன் அருளாலே அவன் தாள் வணங்கி !!!



  1. Sudarshan says

    “Thelivu Guruvin Thirumeni Kaandal

    Thelivu Guruvin Thirunaamam Cheppal

    Thelivu Guruvin Thiruvaarththai Kettal

    Thelivu Guruvuru Sindhiththal Thaaney”

    These immortal golden words from Tirumoolar’s Tirumantram were followed to the core by Brahmasri Pradosham Mama. Here are instances:

    Thelivu Guruvin Thirumeni Kaandal – any photo of Mahaperiyava was seen by him as Mahaperiyava himself and never as a photo. If anybody even passingly referred as a photo of Mahaperiyava, Mama would get angry. In fact, any item that adorned or came out of the Thirumeni of Mahaperiyava was considered as Mahaprasadam by Mama.

    Thelivu Guruvin Thirunaamam Cheppal – the punya nama of Mahaperiyava would ever adorn his mouth and composed several pamalai-s in praise of Mahaperiyava.

    Thelivu Guruvin Thiruvaarththai Kettal – according to Mama any word uttered by Mahaperiyava would have a deep significance, literally anything and everything. And this belief of his was so true that many devotees realized the greater truth attached to even simple remarks of Mahaperiyava.

    Thelivu Guruvuru Sindhiththal Thaaney – An entity called Mama did not exist outside of Mahaperiyava. He ruled Mama’s thoughts, words, and deeds. Mahaperiyava was the world to mama and nothing else existed apart from Mahaperiyava… The mind of mama was made up of thoughts of Mahaperiyava alone and no more.

  2. kalpana says

    Hi Sir, Could you pls share in which place and in which address Parosham MAMA is living. It will be really very helpful for me. Nannum avara dardika asaipataren.

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