Annaabhishegam At Gangaikonda Cholapuram

Sri Ponds Ramani Mama talks about Annaabhishegam at Gangaikonda Cholapuram. He shares his experience with MahaPeriyava on those lines…

Maha Periyava & Brihadeeswarar Annabhishegam At Gangaikonda Cholapuram

Mama recollects Periyava narrating a historic incident on the 56th Sankaracharya of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam’s stay at Udayarpalayam and how Udayarpalayam Zamindar safe guarded and took care of Sri Matam during crisis. As a mark of Krithagnai, Periyava ordained Annaabhishegam and Annadhaanam to be performed at Gangaikonda Cholapuram.

Today, Annaabhishegam at Gangaikonda Cholapuram is being celebrated like a Brahmotsavam year after year.


  1. Arthi Pattabiraman says

    Sivaram Sir thank you so much for sharing this priceless information to us! Namaskarams. Could you please share more details on how to collect the Ganga jalam explained by mama. Example how should one collect it? Is there any procedure to be followed. Like what vessel to used. Who should collect male/female. Finally exactly where is the sivan madam and shankara madam (address) which has board which mentions about the gang a water too be collected.

    Thank you

  2. Ragini Yathiraju says

    Namaste Shivaraman Sir

    Hope you are doing good

    Today early morning I got a dream in which I saw Mahaperiyava sitting in a corner and for some reason, I suggest doing kanakabhishekam to Mahaperiyava and Pudhu Periyava ask me as to what am saying since I had spoken in Telugu language.
    Immediately I also tell him that if we do abhishekam to Mahaperiyava with rice and when that rice is consumed by devotee’s as Prasadam, their health will be good.
    Pudu Periyava will be very !!!!!! Happy and approves my thought.

    The reason I am sharing my dream is that I beleive this dream is trying to convey me some message.
    Don’t know what?

    If there is any mistake in typing , pls forgive me.

    Ragini Yathiraju

  3. sudarshan says

    We all know Periyava’s efforts in reinstating annabhishekam at Gangaikonda cholapuram. Although it was taking place since time immemorial in several kshetrams, only after Periyava reinitiated it, the event assumed great proportions and is being performed in a grand scale. This event until recent was mostly celebrated in temples in TN and has now spread to other neighboring regions. Small temples within the locality of Malleshwaram, Bangalore, conducted this annabhishekam this year on a grand scale, taking cue from the performance in TN. The organisers in these temples may not be aware of Periyava’s role in this event, and surely He did all this only with loka kshemam in mind and not even a tinge of recognition for Himself, yet the very fact that this event is spreading to many regions is evidence of His sathya sankalpam!!!!

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