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Namaskarangal !!!

“Experiences With MahaPeriyava” – So many devotees, so many divine experiences, so many soul touching narrations bringing tears in our eyes thinking of Periyava, so many hilarious incidents making us travel back in time and laugh visualizing those moments… This spiritual journey has been one of its kind … It is a great pleasure and privilege to be a part of this Divine Work. It is the Anugraham and Guru Krupai to do Guru Kainkaryam. No words would be apt other than saying – “Avan Arulale Avan thal vanangi”.


  • Sri Veda Vyasa compiled 18 Puranam and gave a name to each of the Puranam…
  • Sri Sekkizhar Peruman compiled the life stories of the SivanAdiyar and named it as “Periya Puranam”…
  • When we talk about the experiences of the devotees of Sri MahaPeriyava and Sri Sivan Sar, it is very apt to name it “Periyava Puranam”…

Capturing and documenting the experiences of the devotees of Sri MahaPeriyava was never a planned initiative. With a camcorder in hand, it all started so casually…

Inspired by M ( Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna), though this work was started many years back, initiated by Sri Mettur Swamigal, Periyava Puranam has taken a very good shape in the last 4 years. Many devotees have worked for this and they continue to do so. Few names are known, many remain unknown. Primarily, these video experiences came to limelight through “Sage of Kanchi” WordPress site and later through MahaPeriyava.Org as well. Since then, the family of Periyava devotees has been growing manifold…

Blessed were those who were electrified in the mere presence of Sri MahaPeriyava
Blessed were those who were blessed in person by Sri MahaPeriyava
Blessed were those who had miraculous experience with Sri MahaPeriyava
Blessed were those who drank the nectar of wisdom from Sri MahaPeriyava
Blessed were those who were guided by Sri MahaPeriyava
But equally blessed are those devotees who have the blessing to emotionally feel such of those unique experiences through books, videos and audio sources.

MahaPeriyavaPuranam.org” will continue to host more treasurable videos/audio/photos/article of Periyava Puranam. It will be a companion for the seekers like us in the path of Bhakti.

“Loka samastha sukhino bhavanthu”
Seeking the blessings for all…


(Adiyen Behind the Camera)