Daily Nectar : A Divine Intervention…


Article Originally Posted on Oct 10, 2014

The Supreme power emphasizes His Supreme Presence & Grace through Divine Interventions kalpa after kalpa…

Attimes, most significant happenings come through most insignificant people… Or most insignificant species make the whole world turn back at it through a most significant happening…

In Treta Yuga, Lord Rama turns a “Darbai Pul” (grass) into Brahmastra to punish Kakasura… In Dwapara Yuga, Lord Krishna lifts the Govardhana Mountain by his little finger… In Kali Yuga, there are many such divine plays that reinstates the divinity…

Be it Maha Kavi Kalidasa – a humble shepherd who was rearing his sheeps turned into Maha Kavi and writes Shyamala Dandakam , perhaps the greatest stotra written by him eulogizing the Mother Goddess Shyamala…

Be it ‘Mooka kavi’ – a speech impaired person from birth. He was regularly visiting ‘Kamakshi’ temple and was prostrating before the goddess. One day He saw the lips of the goddess and after that he started to speak and wrote ‘Mooka Pancha Sati’. This ‘mooka kavi’ later became one of the Acharyas of the Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam.

Such “Divine Interventions” repeat itself at various times in various places…

Maha Periyava and His Divine Interventions is neither less intriguing nor less astonishing!

Dr.Badrinath wanted a portable CT Scan machine delivered from USA to Kanchipuram to check on Periyava’s health. He calls Mr.Prakash and asks him to do the needful saying “The Divine Force” will guide you… Mr.Prakash being a common man just like us was puzzled yet believed on the “Divine Force”… Spicing up the situation are the factors like :

– the on-going Iraq War at that time
– Holiday Season in USA (Dec 25 – Jan 1) when most of the operations are dormant..

Yet, Mr.Prakash calls on the leading manufacturing companies of Portable CT Scan machine and surprisingly gets call from the CEO’s of the companies directly within 24 hours, he then calls the White House and within minutes gets a call back from the Army General… How is this even possible?

This is not a single instance… We have come across many such Divine acts…

Sri Vikku Vinayakaram mama started as a Ghatam Vidwan doing “Upa Pakka Vaadhyam” for many concerts. With Maha Periyava Anugraham, an accompaniment artist created a revolution in the field of percussion through Ghatam and became a Maestro giving a world renowned recognition to “Ghatam” – the most ancient percussion instruments of
South India!!! He became a Grammy Award–winning Indian percussionist… Periyava’s blessings yields him award after award (PadmaSri, Padma Bhushan…) year after year…

Smt Mahalakshmi mami comes from a middle-class family. She is a retired school librarian. She has done Punarudaaranams & Kumbabishekams of many temples and continues such a significant task crossing ocean of hurdles…

Sri Sivaraman , a humble devotee of Sri Maha Periyava & Sri Sivan Sar – He who brought hundreds of divine experiences of MahaPeriyava to our household… A man behind the camera yet very close to the heart of many devotees who talk about the unexplainable impacts that his videos have created…

Sri Venkatarama Iyer , an employee in railways, believed our Maha Periyava as Pratyaksha Parameswara and hence never failed to have darshan of Him during Pradosham, every fortnight, for many years, wherever His Holiness was camping at that time. He was affectionately called as Pradosham Mama by fellow devotees . “Kanchi Mahaswami Satabdhi Mani Mandapam” – Pradhosham Mama’s dream Project turned into a concrete (or rather Granite) reality. It is one of the greatest architectural marvel in this century adorning “Orikkai” – a village few kilometers away from Kanchipuram …

If we keep thinking, the list could grow endlessly… There are so many insignificant devotees who have been instrumental in doing so many significant tasks through His grace…

How are these things possible?

Guru Kataksham … Guru Kataksham and nothing more!

“Three great and rare opportunities or boons are obtained only by the grace of the Lord; the first is birth as human; the second is the desire to know the truth; and the third is obtaining a great man as one’s guru.” So says Sankara in the opening verses of his Vivekachudamani (“The Crest-Jewel of Discrimination”)

दुर्लभं त्रयमेवैतत् दैवानुग्रहहेतुकम्
मनुष्यत्वं मुमुक्षुत्वं महापुरुषसंश्रयः
– विवेकचूडामणि

durlabhaM trayamevaitat daivaanugrahahetukam
manuShyatvaM mumukShutvaM mahaapuruShasaMshrayaH
– vivekachUDaamaNi

Guru is an infinite ocean of mercy, that His Kripa showers upon all seekers whether they are worthy or unworthy, whether they are qualified or not !!!

“Guru Kripa” is a blissful factor that will enable the aspirants to seek and to attain Jnana. Whether the disciple does sadhana or not, whether one is deserving or undeserving, “Guru Kripa” sets aside all normal laws that operate in the spiritual plane and takes one to transcendental bliss.

What does it matter if a man is important in many ways? Of what use is it if his mind is not bound to the lotus feet of his Guru? Let us all surrender ourselves to His Holy Feet and yearn for our Guru’s Kripai to be “instrumental” in His divine acts !!!


  1. k p s rao says

    i have not met any of the persons mentioned above but have heard the voice of one person who as you rightly said brought Maha Periavaaa ‘ to millions of people Sivaraman Sir with his unforgettable Devotees Experiences I dont think i have missed any… whenever i get a new post i always open it with a hope that Sivaram,an Sir voice could be heard…Hoping to hear many many episodes through HIM.

  2. ambi says

    Thelivariyar sivanai ariyar

    Thelivu guruvin thirumeni kaandal
    Thelivu guruvin thirunamam seppal
    Thelivu guruvin thiruvarthai kettal
    Thelivu guru uru chinthithal thaney

    Guruvey Sivan ena koorinen nandhi

    Thiroumoolar thirimanthiram

    Also one who shows bakthi to guru as equal to eshwara he is called mahatma (deyvathin kural)

    Entharo mahanu bhavulu anthari vandhanamu

    Periyavaa thiruvadiye saranam jaya jaya Sankara hara hara sankara

  3. navEdaham says

    Supposedly ordinary beings….receiving extraordinary blessings…

    Possible only by the karunyam of the Param-PoruL Periyava…

    Once they receive the grace… well. Are they ordinary anymore?

    Anantha Koti NamaskArams…to those devotees & their Periyava!

    Ram. Ram.

    Jai GuruDev!

  4. Ansnyhanarayanan Sundarrajan. says

    A. graceful, tender heart that showed his grace not only to literates devotees, also to illiterates like KURAVARS whom gained the grace. Sakshath Parameswaran, in human body. Pranam’s to the HOLY FEET.Let all of us be blessed with.GURUVEY SARANAM.

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