A Bogi Shares His Experience…

Sri Rajagopal and his ancestors have served the Kanchi Matam as “Bogi” for decades… Truly a blessed soul to have carried Maha Periyava & Periyava(s) in Pallakku! He has been the Rickshaw man travelling with Maha Periyava during HIS Kasi Yatrai.

Very interesting to listen to the
– Divinity of The Yoga Lingam
– Mystical experience while carrying the Pallakku
and much more…

He attained the Lotus Feet Of Maha Periyava few months back.

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  1. sudarshan says

    Amazing interview. What great fortune he must have done to carry Mahaperiyava… Truly blessed are such devotees. More thrilling to hear about Sri Chandramauleeswara Yoga Lingam. It is nothing less than a blessing to even witness the puja performed to Srimad Chandramauleeswara. I can say from personal experience that this bestows a lot of chitta shuddhi.

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