Daily Nectar : என் கார் அடிக்கடி ரிப்பேர் ஆகுது

Thiruvidaimarudur Sambamurti Ganapaadigal Balakrishna Sastrigal (TS Balakrishna Sastrigal) was a Hindu scholar and harikatha exponent. He was in conversation with Periyava on topics like vedam, bhashyam…

Everyone around were at a distance respecting their discussions. But one of the devotees couldn’t wait for the discussions to be complete…

Devotee: “பெரியவா அனுக்ரஹம் பண்ணனும்…” (“Periyava Anugraham pannanum…”)

Periyava continued conversing with TS Balakrishna Sastrigal. So the devotee didn’t get Periyava’s attention.

Once again, Devotee: “பெரியவா அனுக்ரஹம் பண்ணனும்…” (“Periyava anugraham pannanum…”). The devotee interrupted again. Still he didn’t get the attention and Periyava continued conversing with TS Balakrishna Sastrigal…

Again for the third time, “பெரியவா அனுக்ரஹம் பண்ணனும்…” (“Periyava anugraham pannanum…”) said the devotee.

Now, Sri TSB sastrigal couldn’t withstand the awkwardness and was starring at the devotee and Periyava. He couldn’t wait for the devotee to be sent off so that he can continue his discussion with Periyava without disturbance.

Finally, Periyava also looked at the disturbing devotee as if asking what does he want now? Very important request came in from the devotee…

“என் கார் அடிக்கடி ரிப்பேர் ஆகுது. பெரியவா அனுக்ரஹம் பண்ணனும்!” (“En car adikkadi repair agudhu. Periyava anugraham pannanum!”) said that devotee. Seemed all is well except for his car.

Sri TSB sastrigal was astounded hearing devotee’s request… Who wouldn’t be?

Periyava wasn’t surprised at all. Shaantha Swaroopi HE is, replied, “நல்ல மெக்கானிக்-கா பாரு!” (“Nalla mechanicaa paaru!”) and continued his discussion with Sri TSB sastrigal.

We may think, ‘What a humor Periyava has..’

But, the devotee wasn’t convinced. Relentlessly he continued, “இல்லை… மெக்கானிக்கெல்லாம் பாத்துட்டேன்… ஒன்னும் சரியா வரலை… பெரியவாதான் அனுக்ரஹம் பண்ணனும்!” (“Illai… Mechanic-kellam paaththutten… Onnum sariyaa varalai… Periyavaathaan anugraham pannanum!”)

Meanwhile, discussion was continuing with Sri TSB Sastrigal. “பெரியவாதான் அனுக்ரஹம் பண்ணனும்…” (“Periyavathaan anugraham pannanum…”) Suddenly, Periyava looked at him and said…

“கார்ல திருப்பதி போயிட்டு வா!” (“Car-la Thirupathi poyittu vaa!”).


Devotee seemed very satisfied with that ‘blessing’. Sri TSB Sastrigal was somehow relieved from the awkwardness and continued. He thought people don’t have manners and also not sensible on ‘what to ask Periyava and what not to ask?’.

Later after some period, Sri TSB Sastrigal met the same devotee again in the mutt. The devotee said, after following what Periyava’s orders, he went to Thirupathi… After the ‘yatra’ to Thirupathi, his car became alright – absolutely, no issues at all!!!

Now, not sure who is sensible or what is sensible…

We ask so many things right from ‘green signal’ on traffic light all the way upto ‘moksham’ (ok ok now – that is a rare moment…). But when we stand in front of a Mahan, we hesitate to open the mouth. Contrarily here, this devotee was having so much ‘Sowlabhyam’ with Periyava.

“We people with hypocrisy don’t ask small things openly but loose heavily on big things”, said one devotee..

“We don’t know to ask the right thing but always the best is given by Periyava”, says Sri Thiagu Thatha.

Once Periyava asked Smt Neela Subramanian, “உனக்கு ஒன்னுமே கேக்க தெரியலையே !” (unakku onnume kekka theriyalaiye)… Mami promptly answered, “என்னக்கு கேக்க தெரியாது, பெரியவா தான் குடுக்கணும்” (ennaku kekka theriyaadhu, Periyava dhan kudukanum) …

Small or Big, Good or Bad , whatever being interacted by whomever with Periyava, Namaskarams to those all!

Article Courtesy: Thanks to Sri Rathinam for an incident which sounds hilarious at some point of reading but wakes up our inner sense !

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  1. Ashwin Maruthi says

    Periava anugraham …..koduthu vaithavargal….ellam periava arpanam…….nadamadum theivam…..Sri kaanchi vaasaya vithmagey Shantha roopaya themmagi thanno chandrasekrandra prachotayath…..

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