Daily Nectar : உள்ள இருக்கிறத எடுத்துட்டியா?

Sri Vedavyasa mama is a Madhwa lives in Nanganallur now. He had darshan of Periyava during lectures at Sanskrit College in Mylapore. He has visited with his 2 friends, all working at Simpsons. Since then he used have His darshan periodically. He got some pain in the stomach for long. He consulted the doctor. As usual all tests were done. Echo wasn’t there at that time but the last one was Barium Test. Even that test resulted negative. Rare possibility of a need for surgery, Doctor concluded. No medical insurance exist in those times. Surgery would cost him 10 times his salary. Despite this situation, suddenly Sri Mama begun to insist on surgery.

Doctor was puzzled & asked him… “Who is the Doctor? I’m concluding it as ‘no surgery required’ but you’re insisting on surgery.” But still Sri Vedavyasa Mama insisted.

Finally, Doctor tried to take up the rare possibility of surgery. “I’m going to just open & close in half-an-hour for which you’re going to pay!” Doctor has said after scheduling. He is very clear. It has begun by 10am & supposed to be completed by 10.30am but went on till 3pm! Everyone waiting outside was tensed and finally Doctor came out in his Theatre dress & asked who is the mother. She has begun to cry because she guessed something wrong & not sure whether Sri Mama was alive. Doctor says…

Doctor asked “Who is the mother?” She came in front with tears running down. Doctor with his Theatre dress outside his Theatre did shastanga namaskarams to her. She was even more worried, puzzled & burst out with huge cry. Doctor quickly informed her that Sri Vedavyasa mama was doing well and added…”இப்படி ஒரு மகனை பெத்த உங்களுக்கு நான் நமஸ்காரம் பண்ணனும், அதான்…” She was relieved and was glad that her son was fine. After recovery Doctor has asked Sri Mama what made him to insist inspite of medical conclusion (no insurance) & at the cost of ten times his salary. Sri Mama replied…

“Many may not believe. So I haven’t disclosed it to you. Periyava came in my dream and kept on saying “உள்ள இருக்கிறத எடுத்துடு!” I have no option than to insist you so vehemently” Doctor was speechless. Sri Vedavyasa Rao was in hospital for about 30 days & then discharged. He straight went not even to home but to Kanchi Mutt, obviously. And Periyava was sitting on the thinnai outside as if waiting for him, obviously. Sri Rao came out of the car almost rushing, obviously. And Periyava has asked the obvious question…


“உள்ள இருக்கிறத எடுத்துட்டியா?” Sri Mama was burst with devotion. What he was kept on heard in the dream, what people could conclude as just fluke, what everyone could think as just dream, was real here! Periyava has asked the same question again, in person, ” உள்ள இருக்கிறத எடுத்துட்டியா?”. Sri Mama has replied to that Vaidyanatha Swamy, “Surgery is over & it has been taken out”. Periyava blessed & Sri Mama has come home & rejoined the duty.

Today’s Nectar :

Even today the huge lump (large size tumor) is preserved as a medical miracle at the Medical College, for the students to learn. And for us to learn too. We too strongly conclude that everything is fine. But there is a whisper from deep inside the mind that something is wrong. Only Periyava has to get that huge lump outside from our minds & get us into the right path.

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara

Article Courtesy: Sri Rathinam


  1. Conjivaram Rajan Gopalkrishnan says

    sovadharkku vaarthaigal illai .. mukkaalamum arindhavar allavaa nam mahaperiyava .. avar upadesangalai sira merkondu nam vaazkkayai amaiththu kondaal indha jenmam kadai therum .. jaya jaya sankara hara hara sankara

  2. Paru says

    Can someone please translate the Tamil lines in English for people who don’t know Tamil? We would also like to know what Periyaval had said. Thank you

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