Daily Nectar: அவன் என் தம்பி டா!

 A devotee was standing for Periyava darshan. He had a photo in his hand. Photo of another ‘Thuravi’. Some devotees think when we’ve Periyava , it is idiotic to think of someone else. This devotee goes to Sri Matam very frequently but somehow heard about the other ‘Thuravi’ & want to show His picture to Periyava & get his blessings.

In a way, he wants to know whether the photo of the “Thuravi” can be kept in his home. Periyava looked at the devotee and the photo in his hand.

A smile blossomed at Periyava’s face…  “அந்த புன்சிரிப்பு… அது மலரும் போது… அது… அதோட அழகு… சொல்லிப் புரியாது…” (“Andha punsirippu… Adhu malarum poadhu… Adhu… Adhoda azhagu… solli puriyaadhu…”) Quite a few senior devotees used to say.

periyava smile

Periyava smiled & asked a question… “அது யார் தெரியுமா?”.  (“Adhu yaar theriyumaa?”) Now the devotee got some confidence. He noded with excitement. Periyava continued, “அவன் என் தம்பி டா!” (“Avan en thambi daa!”). Yes. It was Sri Sivan Sar’s Photo & it was Bombay Dyeing Sri Ramanan who was holding it.

periyava and sar

He was convinced that Periyava has approved the photo… So a new question came on top of his mind… Is it ok to keep the photo in the pooja ; if so where to keep it?

When Periyava knows everyone & everything, there is no need to ask. Periyava said, “இந்த போட்டோ-வை உன் பூஜை ரூம்-இல் என் போட்டோ எங்க மாடியிருக்கியோ அது பக்கத்துல வை!” (“Indha photo-vai un pooja room-il en photo enga maatiyirukkiyo adhu pakkathula vai!”)

Sri Ramanan was even more excited. Since then his darshan of Sri Sivan Sar  became very frequent. Sri Sar was in Chennai. So whenever Sri Ramanan wants to have darshan of Periyava, first he’ll ask the ‘anugraham’ from Sri Sar. Whenever Sri Sar blesses “Innaikku Nalla Darsinam”, he’ll get a very good darshan of Periyava.

One day, Sri Ramanan asked Sri Sar something that is too difficult: Periyava’s paduka!

Sri Sar said, “உனக்கு தங்க பாதுகையே கிடைக்கும் போ!” (“Unakku thanga padukaiye kidaikum po!”) Usually, ‘mara padugai’ is only offered & used. Rarely, Silver ‘Paduka’ and rarest of rare ‘Dhandha Padigai’ are seen. Almost no one has seen a ‘Thanga Padugai’. Not just with Periyava but even otherwise. So how is it possible get rarest of rarest of rare, especially in a time when even ‘mara padugai’ is difficult to get from Periyava?

Well, when Almighty blesses, what is impossible becomes possible! Next time, when Sri Ramanan went for Periyava darshan, a lady came there (look at the timing!) saying she had a dream in which Periyava came & asked for a Padugai. So she brought a small parcel. Anukka Thondar opened it and was surprised. It was a ‘Padugai’ made of ‘Thangam’. Almost no one has seen before. That lady says Periyava has asked for ‘Thanga Padukai’! So she has brought one. She did namaskarams & left. Periyava called Sri Ramanan & gave him one piece. Sri Anukka Thondar pleaded that Periyava has to bless Sri Ramanan with the other one too. Sri Ramanan has realized that it is Sri Sivan Sar’s anugraham & prayed to him mentally. After sometime, Sri Ramanan was blessed with the other Padhugai as well!

When Pundits say, Sri Sar  &  Periyava both are Parabrahma swaroopam, both are THE same. One of the greatest devotee of Periyava, Sri Govinda Damodara Swamigal who couldn’t travel to Periyava’s camp or Kanchipuram that often, referred to Sri Sar as, “பெரியவா எனக்காக எடுத்து கொண்ட இன்னொரு ரூபம்!” (“Periyava enakagha eduththu konda inoru roopam!”) …

Today, Sri Sivan Sar’s Jayanthi is being celebrated in a grand manner.


On this day, Koti Koti Namaskarams to those Parabrahma Swaroopigal!

Article Courtesy: Thanks To Sri.Rathinam for this post.


  1. chandrasekhar says

    Periaval, to the best of my knowledge, never used the word ” my “. In sanyasa ashrama one has no relationships to claim or refer to. Needless to say, our Periaval strictly adhered to the rules of the Ashrama.
    Our family members have heard Him speak about His father only as “Sivan Sar’s father” on occasions whenever He mentioned about His father.
    I am sorry for this remark but even my common sense doesn’t permit me to Periaval mentioning ” EN THAMBI “.
    May the devotees parden me if I have offended anyone’s feelings. I have high regards for Sivan Sar for I had very many chances to hear him and interact with him. My humble pranams to him on this day.


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