Daily Nectar : அப்பாலும் அடி சார்ந்தார்…

He was crying, crying & crying! Not only was he crying, but everyone there were in tears on seeing him. He was from USA. He is a follower of Paul Brunton who had advised his disciples to have darshan of Periyava insisting it’s significance for their spiritual uplifting. Sri Kannan Mama & few others were there at 3.30am. “His name was something like Kennedy…or something” Sri Kannan Mama recollects…

Kennedy was choked and couldn’t talk… “Next time I’ll come & stay…”, again he breaks down in tears…

Paul Brunton had sent his last book “Beyond Yoga” from Bangalore Airport to Periyava & left India. He had also written to his followers that he won’t return back to India again and advised them to have darshan of Periyava periodically for their spiritual uplifting. Mentioning this, Sri Kennedy had written a letter to Periyava & came for darshan.


When he came, Periyava has told others, “இவன்தான் அந்த லெட்டெர் எழுதினவன்னொன்னு நினைக்கிறேன்!” (I think he only wrote that letter). Others were doubting but Periyava was correct, as usual. After general enquiries, Sri Kennedy said in a high tone, “We’re Pure Vegetarian. We won’t touch egg, onion or garlic!” Periyava smiled. Seemed to be very pleased. Then Sri Kennedy explained their arrangements, “One month I’ll stay, then the next person will come for the darshan, before I leave”. Periyava had given 3-4pm everyday. He had also explained about their grape farm and their organic farming. He had brought few green grapes from his farm . They were vacuum packed in such a way that they don’t get rotten. It was opened in front of Periyava & offered. Periyava practices aacharam of the aacharam. Everyone knows…

Periyava took his ‘kadam’ (Kamandalam) poured some water on those grapes. Took few & put them in his mouth. Everyone were stunned. Sri Kannan, “எனக்கு கண்ணுல ஜலம்… ஒன்னுமே புரியல… அதான்… பகவான் எங்கே, எப்படீன்னு சொல்ல முடியுமா?” (my eyes were filled with tears.. How can one say about Iswara Leela ) That is how Periyava blessed those ‘அப்பாலும் அடி சார்ந்தார்’ (‘appAlum adi sArndhAr’: it refers to all the devotees beyond any demarcations of land, language, time, path, sex and other things but those who have set their mind to the Holy Blissful Feet that is unexplorable even for Lord vishNu but come and stay in the minds of those who sincerely love..)

Between 3-4pm, He used to come promptly. Would Sit in upright position meditating in front of Periyava at a distance about 8 feet & no one were allowed to cross in between. “வச்சி முளை அடிச்சாபோல நிமிர்ந்து உட்கார்ந்து இருப்பான்! கண்ணை மூடி அசங்காம இருப்பான்!” (“sits like a stem, with closed eyes without a movement in the body) .. Anukka Thondar observes…

At the end of the month, he said he is leaving the next morning by 3am & Periyava instructed Anukka Thondar to arrange for dry fruits & kalkanndu as he can’t take normal fruits as prasad to others.

At the time of leaving, Sri Kennedy broke down & cried, cried & cried while taking leave from Periyava. “Enna bhakthi paarungo!” Sri Mama says.

Sri Mama also said “இவன் கடைத்தேரிபூடுவான் போல இருக்கு! நாங்கெல்லாம் பக்கத்துல இருந்து கடைத்தேற மாட்டோம் போல இருக்கு!” (“he will get liberated .. it seems we won’t inspite of being nearer to Periyava )

“நீ வேதாந்தம் பேச வேண்டாம். அவன்கிட அதை குடு…” (you don’t have to talk Vedantham, give the Prasad to him …”), said Periyava. He took leave.

Periyava! Periyava! Don’t know how to do pooja; Don’t know how to do japa; Don’t know how to meditate; Don’t know proper Namaskaram; Don’t even know how to cry… What a pity? Who can salvage us other than the Almighty Periyava? Aadhi-anthamila Prabhuve ! Poimaiye pesi pozhidhinai surukkum naangaL, Endro um karunai kandu thelivom?(living in and with gossip and just wasting our time in mundane things when will we get your Karunai to get THELIVU..)

Article Courtesy: Thanks to Sri Rathinam for another special article on Sri Maha Periyava…


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    Mahaperiyava.org is doing a great service to thousands of devotees. I congradulate the admn. department for that.
    Jeya Jeya shankara Hara Hara Shankara.

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    Im blessed even to read about Sri Chandrasekara Maha Swamigal MAHAPERIYAVA. As a normal human being with a sinful soul even to read about the great deeds of this pratyaksha deivam is a way of purification to mind and soul. Kindly continue this puniya kariyam. Sankara koti koti namaskarams

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